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Welcome to the Web Site of Depletion Scotland. We are a group of individuals based in Scotland, who are concerned that global oil, gas, coal and uranium extraction has peaked, or soon will peak, and decline in a see-saw manner (i.e. a general decline with occasional minor recoveries). We carry out various activities to promote discussion of Peak Energy such as writing reports/ media articles, presentations to interested groups etc.

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ASPO Conference, May-June 2012
Peak Coal
Current News
Top 5 Oil Depletion articles
Top 5 Oil Depletion web sites
Nuclear Energy
Oil Depletion and Geopolitics

Oil Depletion Conference, Edinburgh, April 2005 - not available just now


ASPO Conference, May-June 2012

10th International Conference of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas  

30 May 1 June 2012, Vienna


Vienna will be host to the 10th annual ASPO Conference, a gathering of international top experts on the depletion of fossil fuels and energy availability. The conference will provide attendees the latest updates on a wide range of energy issues including fossil fuel availability, short and long term economic consequences of increasing energy prices, and energy supply and demand scenarios. Our wide ranging audience of decision makers, scientists, the business sector, public authorities and NGOs will ensure discussions and networking opportunities on an international in-depth level.

Introduction to Peak Oil

Peak Coal

(Peak) COAL - The Roundup Articles on Peak Coal started coming thick and fast during 2007. This article summarizes 5 reports that came out in the first half of 2007. As they are mostly from different sources and covering the issue from different angles, they should have resulted in a bit more public interest than was achieved (none).

Peak Coal This Year? (i.e. 2011)

Current News

These are the best sites for current news and views on oil depletion

Energy Bulletin - Energy News

321Energy - Oil, Natural Gas, Nuclear, Coal, Renewables

The Oil Drum - sometimes fairly technical, they concentrate on a single topic each day. Plus a daily news roundup. See aslo: The Oil Drum Europe, The Oil Drum: Campfire

Top Oil Depletion / Related articles

Peak Oil: an Outlook on Crude Oil Depletion by Colin J.Campbell - Overview of the Oil Depletion issue

The Peak Oil Debate: Crisis or Comedy ? [pdf file] - Matthew Simmons challenges the sceptics of Peak Oil with crystal clear arguments

Twilight in the Desert: The Fading Of Saudi Arabia's Oil [pdf file] - Matthew Simmons predicts Saudi oil production is close to peaking

How realistic are OPEC's proven oil reserves ? [pdf file] Dr. Mamdouh Salameh suggests OPEC oil reserves are very exaggerated.

Can the United States Feed China? - Lester R. Brown revisits a topic he first reviewed in 1994, the ability of China to feed itself, and the outlook does not look good, for anybody.

This heaving planet - David Attenborough, gives an outstanding overview of the elephant in the room - overpopulation.

Top 5 Oil Depletion web sites

ASPO International (Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas) - All Newsletters and summary of Oil Producing Countries


ODAC - Oil Depletion Analysis Centre

The Wolf at the Door - The Beginner's Guide to Oil Depletion

Matthew Simmons speeches and papers - Matthew Simmons champions the Oil Depletion debate

Nuclear Energy

Many people think nuclear energy will help to overcome the problems brought on by Peak Oil. Here are three articles that suggest it won't. A major problem to be overcome is that apart from having to build thousands of nuclear reactors (eventually), we would not actually have the fuel to feed them (uranium 235).

Nuclear Energy - Depletion Scotland

Why nuclear power is not the answer to global warming - John Busby

Nuclear delusion. The case for a new atomic dawn to meet the carbon challenge is holed from stem to stern, argues Tom Burke.

Why Nuclear Power Cannot Be A Major Energy Source (PDF, 0.4 Mb) - David Fleming, April 2006.

Oil Depletion and Geopolitics

An increasing number of authors believe that being dominated by oil men and women, the Bush Administration is very aware of the imminent peak in global oil production and is making plans accordingly:

All for Oil - Bill Henderson explains why he thinks the Bush Administration understands Peak Oil all too well.

History will show U.S. lusted after oil - Linda McQuaig says "But buying oil isn't the goal; getting control of it is".

Iran bombing ... the United States 'policy' of oil greed! - Andrew McKillop writes: News breaking today makes it clear that North Korea already has nuclear weapons and intends to keep them -- as insurance against Candy Rice and her King Biscuit Bombing Show, which has a short, two-word basis: Oil greed.


ODAC - The Oil Depletion Analysis Centre. See website.

ASPO USA - The Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas have daily and weekly newsletters that are delivered as a PDF file ASPO USA.

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